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The Canine Auditory Protection System, resembling a close-fitting hood, uniformly distributes the pressure required to hold the dogs' hearing protection in place, while avoiding challenges associated with straps. It is also compatible with other gear used by working dogs, such as goggles. (Courtesy: Zeteo Tech)
The Canine Auditory Protection System, known as CAPS, is designed to prevent short-term hearing loss in military working dogs, which can result from high-decibel noise in training, transport, and operations.
From left to right: Anthony Reisdorff; Catherine Fitzgerald; Gary Rosenblum; Emma Faye Rudkin; Jennifer Lightfoot.
At a special awards ceremony held at the Oticon, Inc US headquarters, more than 100 hearing care professionals and Oticon staff celebrated this year’s finalists in the Student, Advocacy, Adult, and Practitioner categories.
ZPower logo 2019
Mr Townsend brings over 25 years of technology marketing and business development expertise to ZPower, according to the company's announcement.
Starkey Livio AI hearing aid
Livio AI features integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, providing what the company says is “superior sound quality and the ability to track both body and brain health.”
George and Carol Pyle
Miracle-Ear has grown from its inception as a small electronics company in 1948 when founder, Ken Dahlberg, created the first Miracle-Ear hearing aid.
2019 Bush Institute W100k
On November 8 and 9, servicemen and women wounded in the global war on terror joined Former US President George W. Bush for the annual multi-day ride at his Central Texas ranch. Last week, Starkey President Brandon Sawalich participated in the 40-kilometer bike ride.
ASHA logo
The latest research and clinical developments for diagnosing and treating communication disorders will be presented at the ASHA 2019 Convention held on November 21-23 in Orlando.
Healthy Diet stock photo
The team found that the odds of a decline in mid-frequency hearing sensitivities were almost 30% lower among those whose diets most closely resembled these healthful dietary patterns, compared with women whose diets least resembled the healthful dietary patterns.
Children learning words
Poll respondents reported that parents are waiting too long—years, in some cases—before acting on early warning signs that their children may have communication disorders. By a wide margin, lack of awareness of the warning signs was cited as the leading barrier to overcome.
Interacoustics AD528
The AD528 has a small footprint, low weight, and an optional carry bag making it ideal for traveling clinicians who provide outreach to patients in need of hearing services, the company says.
baby ear
The Genedrive MT-RNR1 ID kit will be used in critical care settings to screen babies for a genetic mutation, which if present, can cause lifelong deafness when they are given certain antibiotics.
BlueWing and CounselEAR will collaborate to create customer profiles from CounselEAR’s breadth of client databases, utilizing BlueWing’s data science expertise to facilitate a more intuitive flow of information.
These documents are said to provide an overview of relevant policy changes and calculate national average payment amounts for audiology and speech-language pathology services.
Oarsome Foursome
The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is “a daunting challenge for anyone—and an inconceivable idea for many,” according to ReSound's announcement.
ear infections may have a genetic component
During the third trimester of pregnancy, babies start to hear the “prosody” or rhythm and melody of their mother's voices, which becomes a early “guide” to interpreting sounds and speech rhythm as they learn to speak.
ASHA logo
Before becoming a Forum member, ASHA advised WHO on its Make Listening Safe campaign which, in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)—a United Nations agency that facilitates international connectivity in communications networks—unveiled the “first-ever global standard” for safe listening to personal audio devices.
Senior man with hearing problems
“People with worse hearing use so much more brainpower to decode the words that are said, they don’t get to process the meaning of what was said, which is the intellectually stimulating part,” said Dr Justin Golub.
Hearing loss stock photo
The data of the research group showed that white noise significantly inhibited the activity of the nerve cells in the auditory cortex. Paradoxically, this suppression of the neuronal excitation led to a more precise perception of the pure tones.
Smith’s legislation—the Veterans Hearing Benefit Act—would provide presumption for hearing loss and tinnitus to veterans who served in combat or in a military specialty where they were exposed to repeated loud noises, such as those who worked around heavy artillery, thus making it easier for veterans to establish service connection and get the benefits they’ve earned.

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Navilution Wi-Fi works on tour operators’ wireless networks and enables them to offer multiple audio sources to visitors so they can listen to tour narration in different languages, no Internet required.